Christmas or the Apocalypse

The world has descended in to madness, the panic buying of milk and bread has begun, people buying amounts ten times what they normally would because the coop is shut for 1 day. Elderly folk hanging around the end of isles like a murder of crows waiting for the early morning worm (read: vastly reduced produce they normally wouldn’t buy but as it’s 19p why not). Dads bulk buying chocolate selection boxes like dairy milk is the next bitcoin. Shoppers have lost the ability to function like regular human beings and have forgotten basic essential skills like queuing, politeness and how to park their car; but their need to enter the store and buy stuff they don’t need ignoring the fact they have covered two and a half spaces with their Nissan Micra has vanquished any rational thought. Carnage. Oh, wait, it’s Christmas not the apocalypse. Carry on…

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