Eventing News

Twitter LogoEventing News is a social media experiment I started in August 2012, it comprises a Twitter account and a Facebook page that are both automated news aggregation services powered by IFTTT. It was merely to prove that  I could post relevant and interesting article and attract a reasonable number of followers with little to no manual input from myself. At the time of posting the accounts have grown and evolved beyond where I thought they would ever reach, the Twitter account now has over 2400 followers and the Facebook page has over 1900 likes.

In the summer of 2015 shortly after Badminton Horse Trials that year, I decide that I was going to close the accounts as I didn’t have the time to develop them further. However, I decided that I would persist with them and try and add value where i could. I now have a short URL I use to mask the ift.tt url used on all posted links, this url is equi.link the root of which will take you to the yet undeveloped eventing-news.net webpage which I hope to have up and running over the next couple of months.

I am hoping that I can start to generate some revenue from the website once it is up and running but this more a journey of discovery in terms of my creativeness and development skills.

If you are interested in helping develop Eventing News or wish to contribute content to the blog or social media accounts please get in touch at mail[at]eventing-news.net