Quick & Dirty Fortigate Tacacs Config

Mostly for my benefit, but below is an example config for adding a Tacacs server to a Fortigate to manage centralised admin authentication. Areas with [ ] will need you to replace with your own server specifics.
config user tacacs+
     edit My-Tacacs-Server
     set server [IP_ADDRESS]
     set key [PASSWORD]
config user group
     edit My-Tacacs-Group
     set group-type firewall
     set member My-Tacacs-Server
config system admin
     edit My-Tacacs-User
     set remote-auth enable
     set accprofile super_admin
     set vdom root
     set wildcard enable
     set remote-group My-Tacacs-Group
This config is provided with no guarantee that it will work in your environment and I accept no responsibility for poor security on your part.
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  1. Thanks for the quick, clear, and concise post! I was having issues with this in the GUI, and attacking it from CLI did the trick.

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